An Art Academy for PEACE, FREEDOM and Sustainable PROGRESS.


The ONE SKY academy | accademia UN CIELO has a connection between people and topics, a meeting in relation to art and science, with symposia, lectures, workshops and various other formats and different positions or updating old sources on the pressing issues and questions of our time, which conveys a concrete educational aesthetic and makes the activity accessible to the media, integrates especially concerts and theatrical performances.




The Center of the Mediterranean, the Sicily of thousands of years ago, is the point of comparison between Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Here culture and idea mingle, the foreign and the different meet with an openness as surprising as it is engaging. At the center of the island, in Piazza Armerina - a place of important historical events and a place of natural luminous vibrancy - the ONE SKY Academy | Academy IN CIELO is perfect for its goals and plans for the Monastery of St. Anne in March 2023.


   The ONE SKY Academy is considered an ART Academy. We believe that art can contribute more and more to solve global or local problems and bring people and cultures together. Not art is based on the domain of the artist and the intelligent person, art and the artist Annone Have a special ability: like that of graduating. The art of playing with the world, artists bring out the cosmos of existence through play. Moreover, I am a child who plays. Adults almost completely forget how to play, but they can learn again. Play characterizes people who are not called homo ludens for nothing. Play is a different way of dealing with the real world. Play allows for a variety of promising and unusual spectacles, the placement of things and circumstances in a different light, and thus the opportunity to find other, now, good ways of confrontation. THE ONE SKY Academy is now available in a format of quality and effectiveness in different modes: from the territory and from the self-determination of illumination.


     Anas Maghrebi + Maryam El-Ghussein, 2016

OUR VISION                               

Our vision is that of an individual, a sociable and cultural group in relation to each other and to the world of the artistic world. Our vision is this search in the mode of the piano and the part of the person where they are supported by the material used to make it surmountable in favor of the search for the inner meaning of our whole existence under this one sky.